For Community

The much-needed shift from institutionalized care to community-based settings and services is happening today. This is not a new movement, actually it began in the 1980s, but it is becoming more mainstream as we abandon a Traditional/Medical Model of Disability in favor of a Social Model of Disability.

No longer are we pointing to the person with a disability, requiring them to change in order to fit into society. Instead, the responsibility is now pointed toward our communities as a whole to better accommodate persons with disabilities.

Build Inclusion and our flagship program, AIM! breaks down barriers to perceptions, communication and accessibility to support natural networks and intentional inclusion for all.

Inclusion must reach beyond our schools and into our communities – our parks, churches, places of employment and sites of recreation, to name a few. Fundamentally it’s a civil rights movement that requires each citizen’s support to make “community inclusion” a reality for everyone regardless of ability.

Community Partnership opportunities are available for businesses and individuals.

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