For Parents

Many AIM! volunteers are parents of children with disabilities. So, we understand the impact that disability has on a family. Our services follow youth with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities from elementary school through transition into adulthood. Whether disability is congenital (originating at birth), or brought on as a permanent condition due to an accident or illness, we know first-hand the fear of the unknown that accompanies a diagnosis. We’ve been there, too.

We have also learned that knowledge is power. By talking about disability with our children, we empower them to know themselves and each other better. We teach our kids that disability is just a clinical definition. It doesn’t define or limit a person’s potential to live a full life.

While we definitely are ability-centered, we feel that avoiding the subject of disability further stigmatizes it, while educating children and adults helps to break down barriers. Our disability education program, AIM! Advocacy + Inclusion on a Mission, encourages self-determination skills, and helps to create self and civic advocates.

In addition, AIM! facilitates the natural supports and networks that our kids need at school and in the community in order to optimize their learning potential and become involved in social activities. In short, AIM! is designed to help our kids make friends and lasting connections.

Together, we can all achieve more. Let us assist with IEP support, Pre-Employment Transition services, Employment/Internship Placement services and more.

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Families are the only social system that practices inclusion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Dan Habib, Including Samuel.